Monday, January 18, 2016

Sketchbook and Travel Palette

Hello everyone!

Something I have been very excited about the past couple of days, has been me wanting to sketchbook again.
I've even been slightly dabbling in mixed media pieces (and a new found love of Gold Leaf). Which is something I never thought i'd want to try.
I had been trying to find the perfect watercolour sketchbook, with the right paper, and the right size. I've been wanting to make my own, and there are tons of youtube tutorials on these (ahh, one day I will attempt to bind my own books/sketchbooks!). So instead, decided to cut some watercolour paper to size, and take it to Office Depot to get it spiral bound.
It ended up being very inexpensive, I'm amazed at how quick the process was, and I love how it turned out.
For the front and the back covers, I used some thick paper torn out of a magazine.
I would've loved a thicker covers just to add some weight, but the cover I had initially would not fit into the machine (at office depot).

I also decided to turn my old, and unused travel palette into my new travel kit. I had to remove the dried up student grade paint from the pans first. And then gave the whole thing a clean. Then the difficult part. Choosing from the gorgeous array of paints! I wanted them all! Narrowing it down to 14 was tougher than I thought it would be, and as you can see, I ended up putting two extras in the area above!

The colours may change, but for now these are the ones use most often.

I would love to know what is in your travel sketchbook kits, and what paints/tools/etc you can't live without.

Let me know in the comments!  

Friday, January 15, 2016

The First Post

Does the world need another blog...?

No. But here comes another one anyway!
I've held off from writing a blog for quite a while now. Because, well...there are just so many out there. Why now? I love reading other people's blogs. I love hearing about what inspires, what their days are like, the pictures that are taken. I especially love getting to see what goes on “behind the scenes” of artists I enjoy.

So with that, this is the first post. Hello!
I'm not sure how much I will update, or who will read (if anyone!), but it feels nice to share. This will be my little space of the internet to share what I'm working on, what is inspiring me, and maybe what my days are like.

And to any readers....Welcome :)